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Being one of leading software testing companies in Oman, quality service must be the sultimate objective of an efficient organization. We strive to provide best performance testing, usability testing, automation testing, validation testing, and cross browser testing services to exceed our customers’ expectations.
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We Provide Top Notch Quality Analysis Services

We are keen to delivery top notch quality analysts services, we deliver optimum and integrated testing services to customers for startups to larger corporations. Our quality analysis and expertise enables us to realize the complexity encountered in a project lies in any software testing including automating rules-based testing understanding that productivity of quality assurance must be measured with various metrics

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As a reputed software quality analysis company in Oman, we always work with the latest tools that help us to provide best grade quality analysis solutions to our clients.

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UI Automation Testing Services

We as a software automation testing service company can achieve complete integration testing for the web and mobile projects by implementing UI Automation Testing. We offer Selenium testing services too. For web projects, we use Selenium (for testing services) Web Driver and for iOS projects we use iOS Automation Framework which is provided by Apple.

eCommerce Development

Automated REST API Testing

REST Web Services have become an important part in modern applications. It's important to make sure that REST API interfaces are not broken as the project progresses and new changes are introduced. We provide Automated REST API testing services, which can ensure that all the APIs can be tested frequently to ensure that they are working properly.

Custom Web Development

Automated Unit Testing

Automated unit testing plays the major role when it comes to business logic intensive and functional code. For multi-tiered MVC applications, we suggest automation testing for the Service Layer and Data Access Layer. For these 2 layers generally, 100% code coverage can be achieved. With proper mocks, the Controller layer also can be tested with automated unit tests. Automated Unit Testing is an integral part of continuous integration and delivery.

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Automated Load Testing for web services and Stress Testing

We provide load testing web services. For Automated Web Apps Testing web applications and REST APIs, it's important to prove that the system will scale and will work without problems under heavy production load. Automated Load Testing and Stress Testing can be used to ensure that the production deployment will scale to the promised level. For this, we use Apache JMeter Testing tool to create parallel workloads from multiple clients using Amazon EC2 Cloud infrastructure.

UI/UX Design

Automated Test Data Creation

For valid automation testing services, it's also important to have a valid test data as input. Intelligent and automated test data creation mechanism help you create a useful data for testing. The well-designed testing data allows you to cover all possible test cases and boost the productivity of your product.

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With 99%+ on-time project completion, agile project management methodology, well-aligned process and seamless communication, we are able to deliver projects of varying complexities.

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